1. How much is the space to hire?

Each space is $75.00 plus GST to hire, for a 3hr block.

The entire studio space is available for $150.00 plus GST per 3hr block.

Alterations to durations are by management approval only.

2. Can I hire for less than 3hrs?

At this time, No. This is to ensure our event organisers have plenty of time to run their classes and participants aren't rushed.

3. What is provided in the space?

Each space is equipped with a table, chairs or stools, and sink. Toilets are also available at the venue.

4. What sort workshops are permitted in the space?

We encourage the use of our space for everything from pottery and painting, to terrarium building, hand tool skills, information sessions, embroidery and more. If you can teach it, our space can likely cater for it.

5. Do I need Public Liability Insurance to use the space?

We have PL insurance which can be used at an additional fee. If you have your own insurance you will not need to pay the fee provided you are able to send through a copy of your cover.